Mopar CSBK - Canadian Superbike Championship

The Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) is the leading road racing superbike championship in Canada. The championship is managed and organised by Frontline CSBK Inc. The series operates in the summer months, normally between May and August and includes classes for Pro Superbike, Pro Sport Bike, Amateur Superbike, and Amateur Sport Bike.

Society of Atlantic Road Racing League

Road Racing
Riding Academies
Track Days

Autodrome de Montmagny (promoter)

Session de 15 à 20 minutes à l'heure selon le nombre d'inscriptions+
Ambulancier paramédic sur place
165.00 $ / Track Day
Les chiens ne sont pas admis sur le site

ASM Motosport

ASM MOTOSPORT offre une expérience unique, sécuritaire, encadrée par des professionnels qui ne souhaitent qu’une chose pour vous : que vous viviez…
ASM MOTOSPORT est à ce jour, le seul club moto école et organisateur d’essai libre en piste, qui exige au minimum, une certification de formation de pilotage sur piste.

Road Race Quebec

Finally Motorcycle Road Racing is back in Quebec.
Always dream of racing? Have raced in the past and would like to enjoy a come back? Well the new series has been designed around the love of racing, for beginners to more experienced riders of all ages.
If you just want to attend, this event is affordable to attend with friends and family members.

Moto Nation

Moto Nation vous offre des journées d'essais-libre et formation moto sur différents circuits. Location de motos sport et équipements disponibles !
La formation permet d'acquérir une expérience qui rend tout pilote en confiance, concient des dangers qui nous guette en moto, et de devenir un meilleur pilote, le tout dans un encadrement sécuritaire et avec des conseils adaptés à vos besoins.
Les essais-libre permet de se pratiquer dans un environnement sécuritaire et amical.

Moto Racing Quebec

Pro 6 Cycle

Pro 6 Cycle opened its doors in 1995 and has since grown to become a leader in racing and performance service in the GTA.
In addition to our full service shop, Pro 6 Cycle is also the Canadian Dunlop Motorcycle Race Tire distributor, providing high-quality on location service at RACE as well as our own motorcycle events and various other racing series across the country through our sub-distributors.
We have worked diligently to give our clients the most enjoyable trackday experience possible and, in the process, have set the benchmark in the Canadian Trackday industry, growing to become the largest motorcycle trackday provider in the country.
Most importantly, our staff is made up of riders just like you! We are street riders, track riders, road racers, dirt trackers, trail riders, supermoto and mx riders. There is not a motorcycle discipline that we are not passionate about.

Vintage Road Racing Association

The Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA), Canada’s classic and vintage roadracing association, was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiasts who just wanted to get their treasured machines back on the track. Their avowed purpose: to ensure the preservation of racing motorcycles and to maintain the traditions of racing vintage, and now classic motorcycles in Canada.

Racer 5

Racer5 was developed to create the optimal environment for riders that want to learn the limits of safe motorcycle control. These are skills that are far beyond a basic motorcycle parking lot course or what can be learned safely in a street environment. ​
The structure of the program is such that the high costs associated with the tack are minimized and thus the focus on learning is optimized.

Tremblant Superbike

Voici 8 ans, la première édition des Tremblant superbike voyait le jour.
Depuis 2009 le succès de notre formule a été croissant et a permis à de nombreux motards de découvrir le circuits de Moto légendaires de Mont-Tremblant.
Tout au long de ces années, notre souci principal a toujours été de vous permettre de parcourir ce tracé dans les meilleures conditions de sécurité possibles. Contrôle technique, briefing obligatoire, mise en place de commissaires de piste, de voitures d’intervention, présence constante d’un médecin réanimateur, d’un service médical conséquent et de deux ambulances minimum sont quelques-uns des postes, avec celui des instructeurs et de nos accompagnants, sur lesquels nous n’avons et ne lésinerons jamais !

Southern Ontario Asociates of Racing

SOAR is one of Ontario’s fastest growing road racing organizations. We provide a fun, competitive and exciting place for racers to explore their skills in a family club environment. Whether an expert or novice, we continue to offer a challenging place to explore racing in Ontario. Join us at one of our events, you will not be disappointed.

Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club

WMRC promotes fast, aggressive riding in a safe, professional and controlled environment. A sense of community responsibility is accomplished by getting motorcycle riders who may want push the limits on the street to instead “take it to the track” and raise their riding skills to a higher level.
The WMRC offers several classes of racing from Vintage motorcycles to Superbikes with everything in between.

Shannonville Motorsport Park (promoter)

Nothing says Summer like super –fast bikes and the smell of burning rubber better than Shannonville Motosport Park! Join us at the track! Exciting for race enthusiasts, friendly get-togethers and affordable fun for the whole family!
Shannonville is a natural playground for Supermoto, which is a cross between motorcycle road racing and motocross racing. We have hosted Supermoto events for years, either on the Nelson track or on the Skid pad track. This sport involves the combination of racing on asphalt and dirt. If you don't wish to race in the series we also offer practice times on our skid pad track on Saturdays and Sundays when the skid pad is available.

Racing Associates Canada Events

RACE is a leader in motorcycle roadracing events organizations.RACE (Racing Associates Canada Events), incorporated as RACE EVENTS INC., is a sanctioning body responsible for organizing motorcycle roadracing events in Canada. RACE was formed in the fall of 1980 with the objective of improving the quality and stature of motorcycle roadracing. It was founded by Shannonville Motorsport Park who recognized the need for a group that specialized in promoting, organizing and aquiring sponsorship exclusively for motorcycle roadracing.

FAST Riding School

30 years of experience teaching Motorcycle Advanced Riding Techniques
Over 19,000 students went through our school so far
Our instruction at FAST is upgraded every year to make it very easy to understand and assimilate for any level of motorcyclists.
Michel Mercier, 25 time Canadian National Champion and owner of the FAST Riding School is the teacher for all of the courses and is teaming up with experience Pro Road Racers as instructors during the courses.

Sanair Super Speedway (promoter)

Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association

The EMRA is a non profit organization promoting motorcycle roadracing in Alberta and western Canada

OnTrack Performance

OnTrack Performance is a motorcycle racing school taught exclusively by Expert Level racers. We can cater to any skill level and create a class that will help each student succeed. Your learning is our business and we pride ourselves on creating safe and competent riders.


HardNoX is Alberta’s Premier motorcycle track day provider. Our goal is to make track riding fun. To provide a safe environment to twist your wrist and see what your bike can do. Our operation takes us to various tracks throughout Alberta in Calgary and Edmonton.

Castrol Raceway (promoter)

Toronto Motorsports Park (promoter)

We offer a safe, controlled environment to develop riding skills. Riders are grouped according to experience level, and riders must stay in assigned groups. You may not enter the track without an access sticker. You will need a valid driver’s license and full riding apparel. Motorcycle must be in safe operating condition and will be subject to technical inspection. All motorcycles are subject to noise level monitoring.

OPP Track Days

OPP Trackdays mission is to provide a safe, first class environment where you can comfortably test your motorcycle and your limits and not go to jail, get your bike impounded or worse get hurt.

Moto Sport Touring Québec

Moto Sport Touring Québec est un groupe dédié à l'organisation de rides et activités dans le monde des motos "sport" et "sport touring" au Québec.

Mecaglisse Québec (promoter)

Journées d’essais libres moto sport

Cours Moto Sport – Sport Touring

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